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Blueprint is a secure mobile tool exclusive to Groundwork Mortgage that is easy to use and enables our customers to connect with us quickly to plan our mortgage success together. Blueprint is one of many best-in-class services offered by Groundwork Mortgage and empowers our team to deliver results that bring value and are professional, efficient and fun.


With Blueprint you can:

  • Share your information via our secure website;
  • Connect with a trusted Groundwork Mortgage team member;
  • Learn more about our lending products including rates, terms and the loan process;
  • Have fun as you start your journey toward homeownership!

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Groundwork Mortgage gets it and our team shows up when and where our customers need us most. Groundwork Mortgage developed Blueprint to put the power to launch mortgage success in the hands of our customers so they may connect with us instantly in a safe and secure manner.

Do not be the same, be better! Plan your purchase now with Blueprint and let Groundwork Mortgage help you achieve your goal with confidence.