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We empower builders and their customers with an exclusive mortgage solution customized and specifically adapted to the unique attributes of a newly built home purchase, leading to a positive and successful customer experience and smooth on-time closings.


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Benefits Groundwork Builder Alliance Members Value

  • Peace of mind knowing that home sales and operations teams are aligned with an expert mortgage company dedicated to delivering new construction purchase financing
  • An award-winning mortgage team committed to the builder relationship and responsive to customer’s financing concerns on location at the builder’s sales office and design studio accelerating the home sale process
  • Rapid mortgage application and underwriting cycle-time reducing contract cancellations by expediting finance contingency release leading to firm contracts and loan committed customers
  • Real time customer pipeline management producing on-time and smooth closings creating happy customers willing to refer the builder, increasing go-forward referral home sales
  • Ease of business process and on-time closings saving time and money, maximizing builder profitability

We partner with builders committed to delivering personalized new home purchase financing to customers at the point of sale

Steps To Join The Groundwork Builder Alliance

  1. Connect with Jeff Berger Groundwork’s President
  2. Establish and synchronize Groundwork and builder systems connectivity to exchange essential and actionable shared customer information business-to-business
  3. Curate forward-facing business-to-consumer presentation, including website linkage, social marketing cross-promotion, online application access, model home, and design studio presence and community signage and joint advertising
  4. Embed home and mortgage sales and operations teams to educate, inform, develop and train on shared customer best practices to align mortgage delivery with the home sales, construction, and closing process, including essential stakeholders such as preferred title company
  5. Launch and accelerate new home sales with an exclusive mortgage solution specifically adapted to the unique attributes of a newly built home purchase, leading to a positive and successful customer experience and smooth on-time closings
Home Builder's Association Mortgage Company of the Year 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018

Groundwork Advantages

  • Awarded “Mortgage Company of the Year” by the Home Builders Association for five consecutive years
  • Over one hundred 5-Star Reviews on Google by new construction purchase customers
  • More new construction purchase mortgages closed and funded than any other mortgage company in Missouri
  • Mortgage provider of choice recommended by market-leading builders in Missouri

Join the Groundwork Builder Alliance

We see time after time that new home customers who choose lenders lacking real experience with new construction purchases wind up stressed and frustrated by blown contract deadlines, sloppy and slow processing, poor appraisals, higher interest rates, unexpected closing costs, missed closing dates, and lengthy and disruptive closings.

Groundwork Mortgage is an expert at new construction purchase financing. We “get” new construction.

Builders framing a house

Builders Win With Groundwork

Builders who partner with Groundwork Mortgage sell incrementally more homes, enjoy speed of business process rapidly clearing finance contingencies reducing contract cancellations, improve customer pipeline management with enhanced customer contact and communication, achieve on-time and smooth closings maximizing profitability and benefit from higher customer satisfaction leading to increased referral home sales.

If you are a builder seeking to empower your sales team to sell more homes, enhance your pipeline management and improve customer satisfaction, then Groundwork Mortgage is your solution and partner.